Blueberry Hill Patisserie

Unit 4 Chesterton Fields Farm

Fosse Way

Leamington Spa

Warks  CV33 9JY



Layer Cakes & Loaves

From everyday classics to weekly specials, we all love  cake! With a hint of nostalgia we bake those tea-time favourites that take us back - Victoria sponge, fruit tea loaf and lemon drizzle to mention a few.  

Our weekly specials allow us to have some fun with seasonal ingredients, on-trend styles and experimental ideas.  Call us for this week's special.

Cake Size:   20cm / 8" round  (8-10 portions)

                  25cm / 10" round (12-14 portions)

Flavours:    Belgian Chocolate ganache

                  Belgian Chocolate buttercream  

                  Orange & pistachio

                  Rich Fruit Cake

                  Frosted Carrot

                  Coffee & Walnut

                  Lemon Layer

                  Victoria Sponge

                  Carrot Orange & Ginger ( Award winning)

                  Coffee, pecan, Caramel

                  Lime Layer

                  Vegan Lemon meringue Cake (Vg)

Cake Size:   Loaf 1kg  (8 slices)

Flavours:    Lemon & Poppyseed

                  Lemon Drizzle

                  Vegan banana, Choc Chip 

                  Sticky Ginger

                  Fruit Tea Loaf

                  Banana, hazelnut, Caramel  (GF)

                  Lemon & Raspberry Cake (GF) (DF)

                  Cherry & Almond Madeira Cake 

*For Allergen information please see our FAQs

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